We believe that by creating a bridge for users that streamlines and simplifies the management and use of crypto, that it will not only make adoption easier, but also allow communities to better support projects that they believe in.

Fortifex Values

We value integrity, trust and user experience above all else – our platform is designed to keep our users safer, both in use of data, and in best-practice for trading,

Our Priorities

Fortifex aims to make Crypto easier for our users – being able to visually see your assets, trades, exchanges and wallets in one dashboard to help you manage your crypto better, and make better decisions.
At the moment we are working to integrate exchanges and Wallets that you want into our platform, so if we are missing something that you want, get in touch and we will work to include it.

We are currently working on Trade planning and crypto pathing – 2 features that will definitely make your interactions with the crypto ecosystem significantly easier – sign up to find out more and get regular updates


Be honest with yourself – how much money are you making? Is what you are doing working? Are you following your plan, if any? Fortfiex aims to not only help you keep track and value your assets, but also ensure that you are following your investment strategy.


Learn from your successes and your failures – we help you keep track of your trades to see where you have made and lost the most amount of money so you can keep doing what works, and less of what doesnt.


We want you to be safer in the industry – Fortifex is a read only system, so there is no risk of you losing control of your crypto by using Fortifex.








Trades Planned

We are also on the hunt to build our team

We’ve got plans to create a platform which will question what was life before Fortifex.
Helping build a community and quality platform to help you grow as an investor is our aim.
If you sound like you want to be apart of that check out our careers section!