Assisting in moving
quicker towards
decisions that end up
becoming profitable.
Cut through to the
information that matters –
get the most out of your time, and money.

Assisting in moving
quicker towards
decisions that end up
becoming profitable.

Who we’ve connected to our platform

Asset management at the click of a button

We know that having multiple wallets and using multiple exchanges can be time consuming, so we’ve decided to build something that gives you the flexibility of seeing it all at once.

Auto Sync

input your public wallet addresses, add your exchanges and we will automatically keep you up to date with every change in your portfolio/holdings


Don’t let your emotions get the best of you – plan your trades with fortifex and secure your profits and better protect against losses


all your trasactions, transfers and trades all stored securely and conveniently for you making reporting, tax and tracking your portfolio significantly easier

Centralised Dashboard

One screen to manage all of your crypto-assets, exchanges and wallets, securely and accurately

Fee Tracking

know what you’re paying and where


if its tradeable, we have it, if its not we can add it for you

See what your portfolio looks like

See what your portfolio looks like

Security and

Fortifex will never ask, or accept your private keys, nor will we allow users to transact through our platform – as a view-only interface, your crypto-assets are safe. We pride ourselves on looking after our users first – our priority is to make your life easier, while keeping you safe in the Crypto-Ecosystem



Unique User APIs

We are also on the hunt to build our team

If you are passionate about Crypto, and want to help improve the current cryptocurrency ecosystem, we want to hear from you